An Overview of the CFA Institute, by J. Randall Waterfield

The Chairman of Waterfield Group, J. Randall Waterfield earned his designation as a Chartered Financial Analyst from the CFA Institute, a nonprofit, worldwide association of investment professionals that was first formed in 1947. At its inception, the association was known as the Financial Analysts Federation (FAF), and it functioned as a service organization. In 1959, FAF created a separate and independent organization known as the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (ICFA), which was charged with the task of managing a credentialing program for CFAs.

Some years later, FAF and ICFA combined and became the Association for Investment Management and Research. Since 2004, it has been known as the CFA Institute. Today, the CFA Institute aspires to guide the investment profession on a global scale and abide by high standards of education, excellence, and ethics. In order to achieve this, the institute operates in partnership with a network of volunteers and staff dedicated to realizing its goals.

About the Author:

J. Randall Waterfield applies his expertise as a Chartered Financial Analyst to serve as Chairman of Waterfield Group. The Managing Director of Waterfield Asset Management, he is on the Board of Directors of Cappello Waterfield & Co. Moreover, he is a member of Mensa and an alumnus of Harvard University.


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