Culver Military Academy Leadership Program

president clinton and jrw 7

An experienced leader in the financial industry, financier J. Randall Waterfield is Chairman of the Waterfield Group. J. Randall Waterfield also serves on the boards of numerous organizations, including the Culver Military Academy Summer School.

Culver Military Academy has helped young people gain knowledge, discipline, and leadership skills through a wide range of academy programs. One thing the Culver Military Academy emphasizes is leadership learning, and its new cadet system helps new students gain an improved understanding of the academy’s standards. The academy’s initial Orientation to Culver course allows students to become familiar with the practices of the school. The course leads to a qualification exam, after which students become full members of their assigned unit. After completing this program, they can gain new responsibilities, learning the value of leadership by supervising cadets and guiding them to new heights as students and people. Those who go through the system are offered the opportunity to take on more advanced leadership positions, developing skills that many people fail to cultivate before entering the workforce.


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