J. Randall Waterfield Moderates Former President Bill Clinton Address

Financier, J. Randall (“Randy”) Waterfield serves as the Chairman of Waterfield Group. This financial services holding company operates through the primary sectors of asset management, investment banking, and trading and principal investments. During a 2014 United Nations (UN) gathering in New York City, J. Randall Waterfield served as a moderator for an address delivered by former President Bill Clinton. The address consisted of two segments: a speech and an interview.

President Clinton opened the address by delivering a speech that took audiences beyond the negative bulletins of the day’s news headlines in order to recognize the success stories that often receive less attention. He placed particular focus on stories that relate to the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), eight of the nation’s foremost prioritized goals to achieve by 2015. He also suggested that the UN will compare these success stories with ongoing problems to determine if the MDGs require extension or modification.

During the interview segment of the address, Randy Waterfield presented President Clinton with questions that led to a discussion regarding the nation’s current economy and potential ways to propel it back towards growth. President Clinton suggested possible steps to recovery and offered his views on the status and future progress of international communities as well, including Japan and Europe. In addition, he responded to an audience member’s question regarding his stance on the situation between Israel and Palestine. He spoke in support of United States involvement but expressed interest in a more proactive approach as opposed to a reactionary one. The address concluded with President Clinton receiving a lifetime achievement award.


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