The Activist Investment Strategy of Red Oak Partners

With extensive experience in the investment industry, J. Randall “Randy” Waterfield currently serves as the chairman of the Waterfield Group. He has also served on the the small capitalization growth portfolio management team at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Recently, J. Randall Waterfield joined Red Oak Partners, LLC’s board of directors.

Since it was founded in 2003, Red Oak Partners has followed a proprietary investment strategy that often results in compound annualized returns significantly higher than market performance alone. With key drivers including active liquidity management and a deep value investment discipline, Red Oak is often the company’s first institutional investor. As part of its investment process, it visits each potential company in person to see its facilities and meet its management face-to-face.

During investment, Red Oak often takes an active hand in the company and focuses on improving governance, eliminating any insider conflicts, and managing its processes to improve the best interests of its shareholders. Employees of Red Oak sit on the boards of several portfolio companies, and it was named one of the top activist hedge funds by the National Investor Relations Institute.