Waterfield Technologies Acquires Chrysalis Software’s Capabilities

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Waterfield Technologies
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J. Randall Waterfield is an accomplished financial services executive who serves as the chairman of the Waterfield Group, which has billions of dollars of assets under management. In January 2015, J. Randall Waterfield’s enterprise software firm Waterfield Technologies, LLC, announced its acquisition of Chrysalis Software, Inc.

Chrysalis Software is a contact-center, sector-focused, professional services, and software company. A particular standout among Chrysalis Software’s line of products is the Avaya suite, which includes workforce management and contact center software, as well as voice-response systems with applications spanning diverse industries. Verticals served span the energy, health care, retail, and financial markets.

The merger of the two companies was characterized as significantly expanding revenue potential through increased market share and improved efficiencies. In addition, Mr. Waterfield’s executive team gained solutions providing capacities in several configurations, with hosted, on-site, and hybrid applications. Their competencies in delivering robust, secure, innovation-driven customer service applications were also significantly expanded.


Kensington Vanguard Moves into the D.C. Commercial Real Estate Market

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Kensington Vanguard
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A longtime diversified financial and technology services executive, J. Randall Waterfield chairs the Waterfield Group. In addition, J. Randall Waterfield sits on the board of Red Oak Partners, LLC, which invests primarily in high-performance, small- and micro-cap companies.

In 2014, Red Oak Partners joined with the Waterfield Group in investing in Kensington Vanguard National Land Services. Kensington subsequently acquired two Washington, D.C.-area enterprises, Clear to Close Settlement Services and New Era Title, both of which had head offices in northern Virginia. After the acquisition, operations of both were consolidated in a new office in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

New York City-based Kensington Vanguard’s move had the primary aim of expanding into the robust Washington, D.C., commercial real estate market, which represents billions of dollars in value. Led by Randy Waterfield and his investment team, the acquisition came in tandem with plans to expand Kensington Vanguard’s presence nationwide. The firm had already moved into the Dallas market, with other markets in Texas and Florida under consideration.

Ways to Practice For the Mensa Examination



J. Randall Waterfield belongs to Mensa, the international society for people with high IQs. The society provides J. Randall “Randy” Waterfield and its other members an opportunity to share ideas and socialize among highly intelligent people. For those seeking to learn whether they qualify for the society, or simply wishing to exercise their mental muscles, Mensa offers several ways to practice the type of material found on its qualifying exam.

The Mensa workout is an online test that anyone can take for free on the Mensa website. It is important to note that it is not an official qualifying exam since official tests are only given in a supervised setting. However, the test does give participants an opportunity to see the type of questions that are on the official exam as well as to get a sense of their own abilities. The practice test consists of 30 multiple choice questions to be completed within half an hour and is graded automatically immediately after completion.

The society has also made available a video game called Mensa Academy that can be played on multiple platforms including Nintendo, Playstation, and Microsoft Windows. Players can receive coaching, practice, and take sample tests in a casual digital setting. The game covers material related to logic, numeracy, language, and other subject areas that are reflected on the official Mensa examination.