The Path to CFA Membership

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CFA Institute

J. Randall Waterfield has been a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) since 1999. This credential is issued by the CFA Institute, an international organization that serves investment professionals. As chairman of the Waterfield Group and a renowned financial expert, J. Randall Waterfield enjoys the many benefits of his CFA membership. In order to join the organization, however, individuals must first pass a series of exams.

To be eligible for the CFA program, candidates must have a four-year undergraduate degree or be in the final year of an undergraduate program, four years of work experience, or a combination of the two that totals at least four years. To receive CFA certification, candidates must enroll in the program, which is divided into three levels, and pass three six-hour exams. The content of these levels becomes progressively more complex. On average, it takes candidates four years of study to receive their credential, and they report studying 300 hours or more to prepare for each of the three exams.

More information about the CFA Program exams and the CFA Institute can be found at the organization’s website,


Online Training Solutions from Chrysalis Software, Inc.

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Chrysalis Software, Inc

A graduate of Harvard University, J. Randall Waterfield has served as the chairman of the Waterfield Group since 1999. J. Randall “Randy” Waterfield is also a board member of Waterfield Technologies, which recently acquired Chrysalis Software, Inc.

Founded in 1993, Chrysalis Software, Inc., provides a range of call center services and products, including advanced speech recognition, interactive voice response, and call center management systems. By design, Chrysalis gives its customers access to data and voice networks to retrieve and manipulate data for call center optimization. With experts on call center open standards, technology, and equipment, Chrysalis can deliver innovative solutions and any necessary training both on site and online.

Through its online Chrysalis Contact Center Academy, the company offers in-depth training with options for self-paced learners and instructor-led courses. A flexible training program, courses range from agent administration, which mainly covers assignments and adding or deleting an agent, to an introduction to the report creation wizard, including ways to add summaries or make changes to the report itself. Created to fit tight training budgets, all of the courses are completely paperless.