About J. Randall Waterfield

J. Randall Waterfield began preparing for his career in finance at Harvard University, where he graduated in 1996. In his first positions out of college, Mr. Waterfield gleaned insight into the industry with Prudential Securities in New York and Fidelity Investments in Boston. In addition, J. Randall spent three years handling small capitalization growth portfolios totaling more than $1 billion for Goldman Sachs. Leveraging this initial experience, J. Randall Waterfield and his brother assumed supervision of the Waterfield Group in 1999. The financial firm has been in existence for more than 80 years and operates several companies, including The Waterfield Funds, Waterfield Enterprises, and Waterfield Asset Management, LLC, which J. Randall Waterfield oversees as the Managing Director. He has also held positions on the Board of Directors for the Waterfield Group’s various other enterprises, including Waterfield Technologies, Waterfield Private Equity Funds, and Waterfield Financial Services. In addition, J. Randall Waterfield supports educational and environmental programs through his work with the Waterfield Foundation. In recent years, the Waterfield Group has sold major stakes in a pair of prominent companies in order to diversify its portfolio across new sectors, including merchant banking, real estate, and technology. In June 2011, the Waterfield Group completed a partnership with Cappello Capital Corp. to create a new investment bank, Cappello Waterfield & Co. As an essential contributor to this new venture, J. Randall Waterfield presides as a member of the Board of Directors. He participates on the Board of Directors for several other businesses as well, such as TheRateReport.com, the Culver Summer Schools & Camps, and Asure Software. J. Randall Waterfield utilizes his knowledge and leadership experience to support YPO/WPO NYC, the New York City chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organization. A former Chairman of the group, Waterfield continues to participate as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.


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