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Asure Software

J. Randall Waterfield is affiliated with a number of businesses related to finance and technology. As the Chairman of Waterfield Holdings, J. Randall “Randy” Waterfield is also a board member of a number of companies, including Asure Software (NASDAQ: ASUR). The company creates workforce and workspace management software, all on a state-of-the art SAAS platform.

Software programs that help to provide better access and system integration for personnel meetings, and efficient asset utilization are very popular with companies of various sizes since they save time and enhance productivity. The products and services created by Asure Software are designed to assist businesses with room management, personnel scheduling, and equipment availability among many other functions.

This service is available on demand and does not require installation, upgrades, or maintenance. Asure also provides prompt customer support to assist businesses with customizing their services to meet their company’s needs and requirements.


Online Training Solutions from Chrysalis Software, Inc.

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Chrysalis Software, Inc

A graduate of Harvard University, J. Randall Waterfield has served as the chairman of the Waterfield Group since 1999. J. Randall “Randy” Waterfield is also a board member of Waterfield Technologies, which recently acquired Chrysalis Software, Inc.

Founded in 1993, Chrysalis Software, Inc., provides a range of call center services and products, including advanced speech recognition, interactive voice response, and call center management systems. By design, Chrysalis gives its customers access to data and voice networks to retrieve and manipulate data for call center optimization. With experts on call center open standards, technology, and equipment, Chrysalis can deliver innovative solutions and any necessary training both on site and online.

Through its online Chrysalis Contact Center Academy, the company offers in-depth training with options for self-paced learners and instructor-led courses. A flexible training program, courses range from agent administration, which mainly covers assignments and adding or deleting an agent, to an introduction to the report creation wizard, including ways to add summaries or make changes to the report itself. Created to fit tight training budgets, all of the courses are completely paperless.

J. Randall Waterfield – Waterfield Energy Software, Inc.

As the chairman of the Waterfield Group, J. Randall “Randy” Waterfield oversees many of its subsidiaries. Presently, J. Randall Waterfield is active with the company’s energy technology firm, Waterfield Energy Software, Inc.

Providing financial and transaction management software to the oil and gas industry, Waterfield Energy Software aids midstream, upstream, and transportation businesses. Clients have enhanced their accounting, plant allocation, process review, and forecasting capabilities through this vendor’s offerings. Moreover, this company further assists its clients through consulting, implementation, and documentation services.

In June 2014, Waterfield Energy Software obtained two new clients that will further enhance its growth. Early in the month, it announced a new relationship with an Alaska-based gas transportation client. During this six-month project involving intrastate, tariff-based pipelines, Waterfield Energy Software will contribute operational software in addition to training the staff. At the end of June, Waterfield bolstered its crude transportation portfolio with a client that ranks among Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. After a competitive process, Waterfield was chosen for the seven-month project due to its easy-to-use-and-integrate software that produces superior transportation solutions.