Special Programs At Culver Academies

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Culver Academies
Image: culver.org

J. Randall Waterfield participates in a number of charitable activities including serving as a board member for summer programs at Culver Military Academies, a group of college preparatory schools in Indiana. The work that J. Randall “Randy” Waterfield does with Culver Military Academies helps young people learn academics, practical skills, and character in a supportive and structured setting.

The academies run a number of special programs for students designed to foster leadership abilities and good citizenship. One of these is the Global Pathways Spring Program. Students who participate in the program travel over their spring break to both foreign and domestic locations where they participate in worthwhile activities. For example, in 2015, some participants flew to Mexico to distribute school supplies to needy children, and others went to Mississippi by bus to participate in a group meeting with fellow young Christians.

Another special program that the academies run for their students is the Culture in Chicago program. Four times a year, a group of up to 45 students travels to Chicago by bus to enjoy brunch and then some kind of cultural event in the afternoon. Past events have included performances by the Chicago Symphony, special exhibits at the Art Institute of Chicago, and performances of Broadway plays like “Wicked.” The program allows students to take advantage of the rich cultural opportunities of a major metropolis through the guidance of Culver Academies.