YPO Offers Young Executives Valuable Global Network

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Young Presidents’ Organization
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J. Randall (“Randy”) Waterfield is chairman of the Waterfield Group. He also serves on the boards of several other businesses and organizations. One of the organizations J. Randall Waterfield has worked with in a number of capacities is the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).

This exclusive group is aimed at business owners who have reached a pinnacle in their careers before the age of 45. Young men and women who grew their own companies to become industry leaders are invited to become a part of this global network of business leaders. Meetings and events are held several times per year for this group of executives to share ideas on how to be leaders in their business as well as the community.

The organization often invites renowned business and world leaders to speak to its members. YPO awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award to President George W. Bush in September 2015. In an exclusive interview conducted by Randy Waterfield, the president discussed leadership and his family life after the presidency, in addition to giving insight on current events.


Membership in YPO – Benefits and Qualifications

Young Presidents’ Organization pic

Young Presidents’ Organization
Image: ypo.org

Waterfield Group Chairman J. Randall “Randy” Waterfield has served the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) in multiple capacities, first as the Chairman of its New York City chapter, then Chairman for the Northeastern U.S. Region, and now on the organization’s International Board. With the support of experienced professionals like J. Randall Waterfield, the Young Presidents’ Organization provides an opportunity for business leaders to engage with each other, networking to build leadership skills and community ties.

In addition to exclusive business events on local, regional, national, and international levels, members of the Young Presidents’ Organization have access to educational programs that focus on business, personal, and social impact issues. In this way, YPO promotes the principles of community, respect, and confidentiality among some of the world’s most respected leaders.

YPO is an invitation-only group, and those considered for admission meet specific criteria. Among these, prospective members must have attained the position of president, CEO, or chairman of a significant corporation before age 45, and must have a recommendation from at least two preexisting members. Membership, which is kept confidential, comprises a network of nearly 23,000 business people and their direct family members.

YPO Member Update: The Effect of Crowdfunding on Real Estate

J. Randall “Randy” Waterfield, CFA, chairman of the Waterfield Group, is a leading authority in the corporate finance sphere for several years, serving as a correspondent for major news networks such as Fox Business. In recognition of his professional accomplishments, J. Randall Waterfield has also been appointed chairman of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), Northeast Region.

YPO was initially established in 1950 as a private think tank for successful business leaders to discuss pressing issues in executive administration in a safe, confidential environment. Today, the YPO peer network unites more than 22,000 business leaders with aggregate revenue of more than $6 trillion.

YPO members continue to be on the frontline of major changes in the economic environment, and a growing body of evidence shows crowdfunding is drastically changing the face of traditional real estate investment models. According to an article authored by Jordan Kavana, member of CNBC-YPO Chief Executive Network and CEO of Transcendent Investment Management, this opens up new avenues of investment to individuals who were previously restricted to venture capitalists and institutions. The potential benefits of crowdfunding real estate projects include the ease of diversifying investments, greater transparency, and fewer geographical limitations. However, Mr. Kavana emphasizes the importance of investigating sponsor experience and background through reliable, third-party resources.

To learn more about the latest economic insights from YPO leaders, visit http://www.ypo.org/news-media/ypo-in-the-news.